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Champions Worms n’ Dirt Cups

“Let them eat (dirt) cake!”  Ehh… ok, maybe that isn’t exactly how the saying goes, but our fun twist on the kids’ classic “Worms n’ Dirt” will do the trick of satisfying your hungry little ones. Use our delicious, brand spankin’ new Chobani Champions Vanilla Chocolate Chunk to make a creamy, super easy snack for kids to create themselves!

Featured Bloggers: Half Pint Gourmet

Parents know getting your little ones to eat healthy can be a difficult battle!  Today we are celebrating two super moms who not only take on this battle everyday, but share their ups and downs of raising toddlers with all of us. Nityha and Christina are the creators of Half Pint Gourmet, a platform for making cooking for and feeding babies and toddlers truly a community experience through recipe sharing, parent features and a blog covering topics related to feeding little ones. They curate and cull through recipes and expert information to create a resource for encouraging young children to develop a healthy, adventurous approach to eating. No easy task!  But N & C share to make it warm, open, and most of all… fun!


Hi friends! We’re Nithya and Christina – two moms, food lovers and the editors of Half Pint Gourmet, a site dedicated to providing easy ideas for encouraging young eaters.

Champions Tour Bus: On the Road Again

It’s a new year and our Champions Tour Bus is about to hit the road.  We’ll be visiting cities across the nation, handing out cups of creamy deliciousness along the way.  It’s a long trip ahead, but we’re extremely excited to announce the very first four stops of 2012!