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Healthy Lifestyle Tricks from Kodjo Workout

Happy Friday, friends! We’re always on the hunt for tips and tricks to better ourselves and share them with all of YOU! We recently caught up with the oh-so-inspiring Kodjo of Kodjo Workout and asked him if he’d be willing to do a guest post on the old bloggeroo. In addition to being an absolute joy to talk to, he’s a fountain of fitness knowledge and we’re so excited to share these health tricks with you. As a bonus, he created a custom Chobani workout for everyone! Ready to work up a sweat?

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Barre 101: Top 5 Things to Know Before Hitting the Barre

Raise your hand if you’ve heard any chatter about barre workouts in the past year or so. Good! Now, raise your hand if you’ve tried one of these classes. No? If it’s uncertainty that’s been holding you back, we’ve got you covered. We enlisted the help of our fabulous friends over at Physique 57 to walk us through some helpful tips for people looking to try a barre workout for the first time. Get ready to feel the burn!

Featured Chobaniac: Steven P.

If you follow us on Twitter, then you know how much we love chattin’ CHO 24/7. One of our best tweeting buds is an incredible young guy named Steven, who truly embodies the Chobani spirit. While talking to him one day, he revealed that CHO played a huge role in his 100 pound weight loss. (That’s right: 1-0-0.) After hearing that, we were dying to share his inspiring story with y’all. Take it away, Steven!

Shoot us an email if you’re interested in taking part in the “Featured Chobaniac” series. We’d love to share your story with friends far and wide.

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