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A Fun-Filled Weekend

It’s a good thing our team is growing, because boy did we ever have places to be this weekend! Country-wide, we were making new friends and supporting great causes. Here’s a snapshot of some of the fun we had. Hope your weekend was just as satisfying!

Champions Tour Bus –> Taste of Atlanta: Atlanta, GA


CHOmobile at the Snowmass Balloon Festival

Or team is super excited for this week’s travels. Not only will we be back in Colorado, a state we’ve come to love over the course of this year’s tour, but we’ll be crossing something fun off our bucket list: a hot air balloon ride! Dozens of spectacular balloons fill the sky at this fest, creating one of the most colorful, highest altitude events in the country.


Lots o’ love for Portland, OR!

The CHOmobile spent this past weekend at the Bite of Oregon in the beautiful city of Portland. Besides getting a taste of some of Stumptown’s best local food, we dabbled outside the food fest and quickly fell in love with everything it has to offer. Let us count the reasons why:

1.)  Urban and outdoors- a combination as good as Chobani and your favorite mix-ins.

Portland has a lovely mixture of historic and modern architecture with the novelty of many lush parks in the hills west of Downtown. A variety of  trails and nearby wildlife frame the city, making it pretty as a picture.

Portland- Park