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Meet Shepherd’s Gift Recipient: Sing For Hope

Through our Shepherd’s Gift Foundation, we give 10% of our annual profits to organizations working towards making the world a better place. But for us, the most special thing is seeing the organizations bring their dreams to fruition. On Monday, we had the heartwarming opportunity to join Sing For Hope to see their Healing Arts concert series, made possible through our Shepherd’s Gift Foundation. Now that’s nothing but good!

So grab a cup of CHO (and ’cause we’re total saps, tissues!) and click read more for a special recap of the day’s events from Sing For Hope.

London 2012 Wrap-Up

Cheers, friends! The Olympics only ended on Sunday but we’re already going through withdrawal. Matt Grevers, Lashinda Demus, John Orozco, Lauren Cheney, and Steven Lopez made us so proud during the Games, and we’re thrilled to watch Allison Jones compete on August 30th in Paralympic Cycling.

{Click Read More to see how Team Chobani did!}

A CHOlympic Celebration

The excitement leading up to the 30th Olympiad finally came to a head on Friday as London put on a beautiful Opening Ceremony. As a special treat, our Chobani family gathered around a great big field in Central New York to celebrate the commencement of the games, as well as our very first Chobani Olympic commercial!

{Click read more to relive the fun!}