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Introducing the New Guys #WTFlavor

We get it. You’ve had enough of the waiting game. You’re tired of thinking, “WTFlavor am I eating?!” each time you spoon in. And frankly, we’re tired of keeping the delicious news to ourselves. It’s time to let you in on our secret flavors. Get ready, because this might be the greatest flavor launch of all time.

Chobani Yogurt New Flavors

The Process, Not the Place

Five years ago, we set out to make yogurt the right way, not the easy way. We purposefully chose to partner with local farmers, instead of having other milk shipped to us from farther away. To labor for almost two years perfecting our authentic straining process. To use only natural ingredients. To search for vendors across the globe who could give us a fruit prep made with real fruit chunks. And 18 months later, when it finally came time to put our perfectly crafted recipe on shelves, we paired it with a carefully selected label: Chobani Greek Yogurt.