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Greek Yogurt in Schools, Thanks to the USDA!

Last week marked a very exciting time for Chobani- the USDA granted us the opportunity to bring our authentic strained Greek Yogurt to K-12 schools in a special, 4-state pilot program. Lucky kids, eh?!

The USDA designed this exciting program to evaluate the success of adding a protein-packed option like Greek Yogurt as a healthy food in school meals. Delicious and healthy- we couldn’t imagine anything better.

At Chobani, we believe that everyone, especially kids, should have access to simple, healthy options, both inside and outside of school. We know that families are bringing Greek Yogurt into their homes because of its health benefits, so we’re ecstatic to help bring the same options to school cafeterias. Offering more foods that deliver on taste and nutrition will encourage kids to develop healthy, balanced eating habits early on. Cravings for yogurt and broccoli? We’re on a mission to make it happen.

This special pilot kicks off this fall in New York, Idaho, Arizona and Tennessee. Stay tuned as we watch closely in the hopes that it increases the number of healthy options in schools across the country.

Want more information?  Check back soon!

Introducing the New Guys #WTFlavor

We get it. You’ve had enough of the waiting game. You’re tired of thinking, “WTFlavor am I eating?!” each time you spoon in. And frankly, we’re tired of keeping the delicious news to ourselves. It’s time to let you in on our secret flavors. Get ready, because this might be the greatest flavor launch of all time.

Chobani Yogurt New Flavors