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Category - Olympics

Thoughts from a Tuesday

Tuesday is a weird day of the week, eh? It’s not Monday, so you don’t dread it. It’s not the middle of the week, so you don’t celebrate. And it doesn’t get you excited for the weekend.

So, we figured we’d make an otherwise bland day count for something and give us all a little inspiration to share.

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Nothing But Good: The London Eye

In this great city, there’s plenty to do. We love the Olympics, but sightseeing too! Holding it in just wouldn’t be right, so here we are with all the tourism insight.

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A CHOlympic Celebration

The excitement leading up to the 30th Olympiad finally came to a head on Friday as London put on a beautiful Opening Ceremony. As a special treat, our Chobani family gathered around a great big field in Central New York to celebrate the commencement of the games, as well as our very first Chobani Olympic commercial!

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