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Singin’ for Hope

Music is in the air!

We’re super psyched to announce our support of a truly NBG organization. Come summer, NYC will witness Sing for Hope Pianos, with the help of yours truly.

Featured Chobaniac of the Week

We’ve heard amazing stories from our community about people who’ve added Chobani to their life from weight loss to eating habits to simply getting healthier. When Rose emailed us about her father-in-law’s amazing story, it brought huge smiles to our faces. Hopefully you’re all as amazed as we were!

Meet Shepherd’s Gift Recipient: Sing For Hope

Through our Shepherd’s Gift Foundation, we give 10% of our annual profits to organizations working towards making the world a better place. But for us, the most special thing is seeing the organizations bring their dreams to fruition. On Monday, we had the heartwarming opportunity to join Sing For Hope to see their Healing Arts concert series, made possible through our Shepherd’s Gift Foundation. Now that’s nothing but good!

So grab a cup of CHO (and ’cause we’re total saps, tissues!) and click read more for a special recap of the day’s events from Sing For Hope.