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Chobani Simply 100: Enjoy the Taste, Nutrition, and Culinary Inspiration

By: Patricia Bannan, MS, RDN

Mix it up, dip it in, blend it together, or freeze it – I’ve always been a fan of yogurt for the taste, nutrition, and versatility in recipes. But what I’m not a fan of are the many yogurts on the market that are loaded with added sugars or artificial ingredients. Whether you’re looking for healthy snacking swaps or ways to boost mealtime nutrition, adding Chobani® Greek Yogurt is the perfect way to ensure great flavor without sacrificing nutrition for the whole family.

Simply 100 Smoothies

Winter is here and we all know what that means: bring on the pies, cookies, and deliciously hearty main courses.

But enjoy as you may, nothing says you can’t have a healthy balance in your day. Account for the winter feasting to come by starting your day with a simple smoothie, featuring Chobani Simply 100.

Simply 100 Chobani smoothie

Simply 100 Peach and Strawberry/Blueberry Pops


Another day, another delicious pop recipe. That’s right, you loved our last round of Simply 100 popsicles so much we decided to whip up another batch. This time around, we went with Peach and a blended Strawberry & Blueberry. ‘Cause nothing says summer quite like peaches and berries. Simply 100 makes for a delicious treat with only 100 calories and FIVE grams of fiber. Win, win.