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Peanut Butter + Chobani + … PRETZELS.


Peanut butter has long been seen as the perfect compliment to jelly. And while we’re huge fans of the two sticking together in flavor matrimony, we’re starting to think that the almighty pretzel might just give that jelly a run for its money. Hey, a little healthy competition never hurt anybody, right? Not even a little nut butter…

Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches


Fried chicken? Good. Waffles? Good. Delicious maple Chobani sauce smothering fried chicken and waffles together into one magnificent sandwich. Possibly TOO good.

We all have our own version of “comfort food.” Unfortunately, when times get tough (or we just need a little edible TLC) we don’t often take the LIGHT route. These occasions tend to lend themselves to snug pants + candy wrappers.

[insert Chobani to the rescue here]

Our Commitment to Quality in Partnership with Cornell

Innovation is the lifeblood of Chobani, and today we’re opening a new chapter. We’re excited to announce a partnership with Cornell University’s Department of Food Science, one of the leading programs of its kind in the world. Our relationship will establish a research and training program that will support graduate student research along with workforce development in dairy quality. Great, right?


Today also marks the introduction of a new family member, Dr. Alejandro Mazzotta. Alejandro will serve, in our commitment to quality, as our VP of Global Quality, Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs. He comes to us with more than two decades of leadership and an impressive track record of industry research.

Two exciting announcements. Two huge commitments that formalize and bolster our commitment to food innovation and quality. For more information on our partnership and the Cornell program, please read the full release here.