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Setting records at Bay to Breakers

This Sunday, the CHOmobile was at Bay to Breakers–San Francisco’s famous, costume-optional-but-encouraged–12K.

Who knew that fairies, Mickey Mouse, Oompa-Loompas, belly dancers, drag queens, and human-sized carrots share an affinity for Greek yogurt?

Well, we sure didn’t, but found that at Bay to Breakers Chobani Love is widespread among earthly and unearthly creatures!

Exuberant runners of all sizes, shapes, and species began approaching Big Blue (our beautiful trailer) at about 9:30 a.m, and by 10:10 we’d handed out all 4,320 cups of yogurt (minus the half dozen of so eaten at 4:00 a.m. during trailer load-in by the CHOmobile crew) and set an all time record for the CHOmobile!!!

Meet the CHOmobile crew

So we told you the CHOmobile was hitting the country packed with free cups of Chobani. But we didn’t tell you how awesome the folks behind the wheel were!

Here’s our all-star CHOmobile lineup:

Jessi, CHOmobile Crew Captain


Chobani hits the West

Not sure if you’ve heard the big news, but Chobani’s hitting the West in a big way!

Not only are we in more Western-area retailers then ever (Sprouts, Henry’s Farmers Market, Sunflower Farmers Market, Ralph’s, Whole Foods, Lucky, SaveMart, Gene’s Fine Foods, Vons, Albertsons, Gelson’s Market, Bristol-farms, Jons Marketplace, Jensens Fine Foods, Safeway….just to name a few), we just kicked off a two-month long sampling tour that’s stopping in more than 10 cities along the West coast.

We officially kicked our CHOmobile tour off at the San Diego EarthWorks Festival on Sunday. If I could choose only two words to describe this event, I would have go with: “crazy amazingness!”

With over 70,000 people in attendance, the festival was HUGE! We met so many great California folks and gave out almost 6,000 cups of yogurt in two and a half hours. Now I’m no mathematician, but that’s almost 40 cups per minute! Crazy amazingness, right?!