Chobani Oat

Oat-based drinks, blends, and crunch, made with the goodness of organic, gluten-free oats.

Most loved products

  • Ripe Willamette raspberries add subtle, farm-fresh sweetness to creamy Chobani® Less Sugar Greek Yogurt.

  • A Chobani® Flip® Greek Yogurt for batter spoon-lickers, with cookie dough pieces, cookie rice crisps, and chocolate chips.

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  • Chobani® Mango on the Bottom Greek Yogurt. An homage to the king of fruits, with gifts of gold straight from the grove.

*Chobani® Less Sugar Greek Yogurt: 9g sugar per 5.3oz; other yogurts: avg. 17g sugar per 5.3oz

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Everyday activism

Supporting our
main ingredient

Milk Matters™ is about supporting our partners in the dairy industry and encouraging them to make real change where it matters most: from animal care and worker wellbeing to environmental stewardship.


Chobani Coffee Creamer

Our first-ever dairy creamer, Chobani™ Coffee Creamer is made from farm-fresh cream that comes naturally from our yogurt-making process. Real milk and real cane sugar round out a simple list of five or fewer ingredients.