The most important thing we make is a difference

It’s always been about more than yogurt.

At a glance

  • A goal of universal wellness
  • Grants for food startups devoted to social good
  • 120+ community events a year
Chobani Incubator

Fighting for the future of food

Our founder, Hamdi, built Chobani to take on the big guys by making delicious, nutritious, natural, and accessible food. Now, we're here to help small companies with big hearts and ideas challenge the food industry, improve broken systems, and make a difference.

The Chobani Way

Committed to making our yogurt better for the earth

From cow comfort on dairy farms to responsible manufacturing practices to being active members of our communities where we live and work—we’re passionate about democratizing good and helping to accelerate universal wellness.

Giving Back

Doing well by doing good

By volunteering our time, donating our products, and supporting impactful charitable projects and programs, The Chobani Foundation is strengthening the communities we call home, improving childhood nutrition and wellness nationally, and helping those in need wherever they may live.

Chobani Health and Wellness

Better food for more people

Chobani Health and Wellness works to make better choices more accessible, fostering healthier lifestyles. Using the best research to inform programs and policies, we’re impacting children and communities in ways that promote healthier eating patterns.

Milk Matters™

Supporting our main ingredient

As a dairy leader, we have the right, role and the responsibility to help shape a better future for our industry. We've created a unique and progressive standard – a first of its kind – which will elevate the bar for the entire dairy industry. We call it Milk Matters™.